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Mildre Pierina's​ Where does the unique design come from?

I always think about it after giving the flowers to the customer. When you hand over the flowers, it's not the end, but after you hand them over, I try to make a work that beautifully harmonizes the customer's interior with the flowers as the flowers progress. At the same time, I think it's because, of course, I'm polishing my sensibilities every day so that I can create something new. Flower design has no end

It's the same as life, studying every day.


What are the strengths of Mildre Pierina?

From an early age, I loved making something because of my mother's handmade everything. Entering the world of flower design when I was in high school was a natural choice. Since I am a Peruvian national, I have been exposed to South American designs, sculptures, and folk dances since I was a child. Many of my relatives lived in the United States, South America, Canada, the flower country of the Netherlands, Australia, and abroad, so I still remember being thrilled with the wonderful gifts I had never seen every year. At that time, I was learning Peruvian folk dance as a hobby. As a result, I often go to Peru, and I remember designing my own folk dance costumes. After graduating from high school, I learned a lot from my seniors at a major flower shop that I joined, read a lot of magazines, visited interior shops, flower shops, and studied abroad. Personality Various interiors and interiors, flower design for customers, playfulness, and high-quality things that I have touched since I was a child, thanks to my personality that I have to go if there is a shop or place I want to go .. I think that is my greatest strength as a flower artist. One flower and one flower are designed like the leading role. I think it's a new way of thinking about flower design. Thanks to that, I think it is said that Mill's work looks in harmony even though various colors are mixed.


Mi nombre es Mildred pierina .

Soy peruana pero nací en Japón y crecí en Japón .

Desde chiquita me gustaba las flores y las plantas.

Cuando tenia 18 años decidí ser florista .

Yo tengo dos culturas en mi corazón por resto mis arreglo florares es diferente así me dicen las personas que conocen mis arreglo florares .

Me gustaría compartir con todas las personas que es la verdaderos valores de las flores . Este es mi sueño.


Mucha gusto y muchas gracias para cada unos de ustedes ♡

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